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Hair Transplant was done by the DHI, FUE technique by Dr Ketan Kolekar and the team and ofcourse the doctors of Regrow clinic the best hair transplant clinic in Haridwar.

The best part of hair restoration surgery is done in a scientific and artistic way, patient goes satisfied with boosted confidence and pride.

Regrow Clinic, Haridwar

This is one of the best natural hairline creation in hair transplant at regrow clinic Haridwar.
Here at regrow, all treatments are performed by doctors.


Most innovative cases in transplant are being done by us in hair transplantation these days.
To date, we have transplanted over 6 million hair grafts from scalp to scalp, beard to beard and beard to scalp and scalp to beard. We also perform body hair transplant is in some cases.

Please go through our Youtube channel to check previous patient reviews and their case studies. All results shown in our channel are our own and genuine patients. We also keep every record of our previous patients.

Before and after results are masked in some cases to protect the privacy of patients with privacy concerns. So if you too are planning to get a hair transplant done at Regrow Clinic Haridwar we promise you to maintain your privacy until you want to reveal your face on our channel.

Please subscribe to our channel to get updates and offers related to hair transplants. Steps of doing Hair transplant by DHI method:

  1. Blood Tests and Planning
  2. Hairline designing and donor area marking
  3. Local anaesthesia application
  4. Site creation or stabbing/Slit Making
  5. Graft harvesting or extraction
  6. Assorting of grafts into I, II, III, IV grafts
  7. Implantation of grafts.

What is Follicular Unit/ Hair-Grafts?

Follicular Unit (FU) or Hair Graft is a bundle of grafts that exists naturally. Generally, in the scalp, we have 1 hair to 4 hair graft (occasionally 5 hair grafts). In Indians ratio of Hair to Graft is 2.2.


Suppose we got 100 grafts so we can assume roughly 220 hairs.
100 grafts = 220 hair (Indians) Scalp
100 grats = 100 hair (Indians) Beard - Beard hair graft have a single hair on average.


Now regain your lost confidence by hair transplant at Regrow Clinic Haridwar. We are one of the most economical clinics with global standard results.


These days hair transplant is going popular because of the satisfaction ratio compared to any other surgery across the globe. Regrow Clinic is one of the popular clinics for patients to take in-depth knowledge before undergoing a hair transplant.



Regrow Clinic facilitates its clients with

  • Natural and unrecognizable hairlines
  • Temple restoration with assorted grafts placement
  • Revision Hair Transplant
  • Grade VII patients with optimum beard and body hair usage.
  • Up to 97% survival rate of grafts

Instruments used of Highest standard (globally). See month by month transformation of 28-year-old patient results are highly natural and density matches with existing hairs.


Meet the Team

A. Dr G. K. Sharma

Dr G.K Sharma

                             M.D. (Skin, Nail, Leprosy) Cosmetologist and Dermato- surgeon.



B. Dr Ankur Singhal

Dr Ankur Singhal

                                               Clinical Cosmetologist and FUE/DHI Expert.



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