Quick Hair Transplant in India

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hair transplant in india

Unhealthy lifestyle, increasing stress as well as an inclination towards junk foods are affecting our health vividly. As a result, we are suffering from numerous critical health conditions. Rapid hair loss is one of them.


Anybody at any stage of life can suffer from hair fall. It can result from pollution, chronic health issues, hormonal imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle or hereditary.


There is an end number of treatments for hair loss. You may have opted for a few of them. However, the result you got was not satisfactory.


On the other hand, the restoration of your scalp hair is significant for your aesthetical appearance. Along with this, if you want the solution in minimal time then, a quick hair transplant is the only option for you.


What is Quick hair transplant?

The automatic FUE hair restoration process is rapidly becoming one of the most popular hair transplant procedures in the world. This new technique revolutionizes hair transplant surgeries by allowing you to create beautiful, natural hair contours that will be your own permanently.  


In quick FUE transplant, Dr Sharma uses a different tool called Seva implanter instead of a standard incision and transplant. It requires six to eight technicians at the time of the surgery.


They extract healthy hair grafts and implant them into your recipient region of the scalp. The whole process takes about four hours to be completed.


However, the number of hair grafts transplanted into the problem area is much higher than the other treatments in a single session. The therapy is receiving high appreciation these days because it takes minimal time duration to complete the whole procedure effectively.  



The procedure of hair transplant is the same in almost all the treatments.



Before the surgery, your hair needs cleaning and trimming.



Once the preparation is completed, both your donor region and recipient region requires anaesthesia for surgery.



Then healthy hair fall resistant hair follicles are extracted from your donor area by the use of the Seva tool.



Dr Sharma makes the required number of incisions into your bald scalp and puts the extracted hair grafts according to your requirements.


The only difference from other hair transplant techniques is the number of hair grafts transplanted in one session. The quick hair transplant process is time effective and depends on professional tools.



A. Tips before quick hair transplant:

  • Stop any medicines which contain aspirin before the session
  • Do not smoke or have alcohol before your surgery
  • Take vitamin – C one week before your surgery
  • Avoid caffeine
quick hair transplant

B. Tips after quick hair transplant:

  • Avoid going out into the heat or sun
  • You may experience inflammation, redness, infection or mild bruising right after your surgery. But all these will go away after a few days
  • Avoid heavy exercise just after your surgery
  • Take all the medicines properly

Quick hair transplant cost

The quick hair transplant cost is about Rs. 25 to Rs. 30 per graft. But the total cost will vary depending upon various aspects.

  1. The requirement of your hair density
  2. Experience of your doctor
  3. Number of sessions you require
  4. Area of your treatment

Advantages of Quick hair transplant

The benefits of quick hair transplant are as follows:

  1. The treatment is minimally invasive.
  2. It consumes a significantly less amount of time.
  3. You can have the required density of hair in the first session.
  4. The newly transplanted hair behaves like your natural hair.
  5. The treatment is least painful.
  6. You will need very few simple post-treatment care.
  7. The use of a specialized tool makes the process easy going and highly effective.


Frequently Asked Questions

Quick hair transplant is a hair restoration technique that consumes significantly less time in comparison to other forms of hair transplant treatment. It can effectively transplant near about 5000 hair grafts in one session. The procedure is mechanical, where it needs five to six technicians along with our doctor.


Whereas, typical hair transplant requires high precision with long hours of surgery. Here your doctor transplants hair grafts one by one very carefully.

Yes, As hair loss can happen to anybody at any age, they will require proper treatment at the same time. Along with that, people who want fast treatment with minimal side-effects may opt for the treatment.

Yes, the procedure gives you a long-term solution for your hair loss problem.

The treatment is minimally invasive yet, you may face specific side effects like-

  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Redness
  • Mild bruising

Along with these, you feel some other issues also. But all of these stay for just a few days after the treatment.

It will cost you near about Rs. 25 to Rs. 30 for each graft. The total cost will depend upon your requirement for hair grafts.