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Welcome to Dr Ankur Singhal’s Regrow Hair Clinic!

Regrow Hair Clinic, the Global Leader for Hair Transplant in India since 2015. Our body hair transplant treatment is one of the most effective procedures which is highly appreciated among our clients. 

It is the most patient-friendly way of treating hair loss problems for people who do not have sufficient hair follicles in their scalp.


We at Regrow Hair Clinic work with the best team of profoundly knowledgeable and experienced doctors under the supervision of our chief Dr. Ankur Singhal. Till today we have successfully performed more than 6 million hair graft transplant treatments. It includes beard hair transplant, scalp hair transplant, and body hair transplant.


We believe in providing the utmost satisfaction to our clients. As a result, we always come up with the best-customized solution for our patients.


What is body hair transplant?

Body hair transplant is a highly successful and minimally invasive technique of your scalp hair restoration. The method is as same as traditional hair transplant. 

The only difference is the donor region of your body. The process is well appreciated among the people who have fewer hair follicles on their back portion of the scalp.

In this case, our doctor extracts healthy hair follicles from your different body parts and transplant them into your bald area of the scalp. We choose healthy hair follicles from your beard, underarms, chest, arms, legs and pubic area according to your requirement.


Few months after successful transplantation, you will see healthy and natural-looking hair. Though the features of body hair are not the same as your scalp hair yet, this will not make a difference because of the precisions of our doctors.

Body hair transplant


The procedure of body hair transplant

The treatment procedure is nothing different from a traditional hair transplant. Our doctors can perform both FUE and FUT techniques according to your requirements. We even perform other techniques such as Quick Hair Transplant and Dense Hair transplant. The steps of the process are as follows:

  1. Shaving and cleansing both your donor and recipient area.
  2. Using local anesthesia for follicle excision.
  3. Extraction of healthy hair grafts from donor region (any hairy body parts other than your scalp) through FUE or FUT.
  4. Making pockets in the recipient area.
  5. Implanting the extracted hair follicles into the pockets of your recipient area.


Let us discuss different types of body hair transplant

When your scalp does not have sufficient hair follicles, it becomes a challenging task for our doctors to find out suitable healthy hair follicles. We generally choose the hairiest body parts of yours. So, you can get adequate hair density. These body parts are

  • Beard: Your beard hair is highly similar to the hair available in your scalp—both of these two types of same hair type of life cycle. The texture and quality are also identical to each other. It is possible for men only.
  • Chest: This type of excision is again possible for men only. Though there is a massive difference between your scalp hair and chest hair yet, our doctors choose this region for the availability of sufficient hair grafts.
  • Underarms and pubic area: If your beard and chest do not have sufficient hair follicles then we go for the underarms and pubic area.


Cost of body hair transplant

The hair transplant cost in India for body hair transplant is as same as the conventional hair transplant procedure. Here at Regrow Hair Clinic, we charge Rs. 15 to Rs. 25 for each hair graft.


So, the total cost of your body hair transplant will vary from person to person according to their requirements of hair grafts. To know your full price of treatment book an appointment with us.


Benefits of body hair transplant treatment

Followings are the benefits of body hair transplant treatment –

  • The availability of hair grafts is higher than the scalp hair transplant.
  • The hair follicles will give you the required density of hair and proper coverage of your bald scalp.
  • The treatment is minimally invasive and highly successful.
  • After-surgery care is home-based and easy to perform.
  • The newly transplanted hair will look and work like your natural hair.
  • The results of the treatment will be long-lasting and safe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Just like the conventional hair transplant treatment, it will take around 5 to 6 days after the surgery. Use all the medications properly during this recovery period.

Well, everyone cannot opt for body hair transplant treatment. Here your body parts will require denser hair. In most of the cases, the treatment is suitable for men only.

The availability of hair grafts from your chest is generally 500 to 600 on average. It is a good number of hair grafts.

Well, we at Regrow Hair Clinic use the required quantity of anaesthesia during the surgery. So, there is no scope of pain.

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