Best Eyebrow Hair Transplant in India

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Are you unhappy with your thin or sparse eyebrows?

Want to get rid of the eyebrow make-up?

Are your poorly shaped eyebrows impacting your facial appearance?

Regrow Hair Clinic, the best hair transplant clinic in India has a permanent solution for improving the shape and thickness of your eyebrows: The Eyebrow Hair Transplant.


An eyebrow hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that includes extracting hair follicles and transplanting them to the recipient's eyebrow area. The purpose is that new hairs will grow from these grafts, providing a new fuller look to your eyebrows. 


Why choose Regrow Hair Clinic for eyebrow hair transplant in India?

  • Doctors at Regrow are some of the top hair transplant surgeons in India.
  • At Regrow Hair Clinic, our team has transplanted over 6 million hair grafts from scalp to scalp, beard to the scalp, beard to beard, and scalp to the beard.
  • We have state-of-the-art facilities for hair restoration procedures that match international standards.
  • Regrow Hair Clinic strives to deliver the highest aesthetic expertise with a personalized touch and care. We are growing and advancing in our techniques so that our clients get the top level of satisfaction.
  • Our team of skilled and experienced surgeons ensures that you get the best eyebrow hair transplant in India. For eyebrow hair transplant, artistry is essential, which our surgeons have gained through extensive experience.
  • At Regrow, our surgeons use the latest hair transplant methods like the FUE technique. These methods provide scarless and outstanding results. Thus, you can opt for an eyebrow hair transplant at Regrow without the fear of getting any flaw on your face.


What is an eyebrow hair transplant?

Eyebrows play a notable role in facial appearance, and poorly shaped eyebrows can impact your life. An eyebrow transplant can give density to an area of thinning or create an eyebrow that was missing. 


If you have a thin, bare eyebrow and want to improve it, then eyebrow hair transplants can be the right choice for you. It can also be an option for those people who have missed their eyebrows in an accident, such as a burn injury or poor experiences with eyebrow tattoos. 


What does the eyebrow transplant cost?

The eyebrow transplant cost differs according to individual needs. The quantity of hairs per graft is usually adequate, so the eyebrows hair transplant does not require many expenses. 

But transplants can be more expensive if there are too many grafts needed. 


Method of eyebrow hair transplantation

Eyebrow hair Transplant
  • Eyebrow hair transplantation came into existence over 20 years. But now, it has earned popularity with the latest trend of full brow shape.
  • Our hair transplant surgeons use the FUE hair transplant technique to transfer hair from a donor region to the recipient’s eyebrow. Our surgeon will remove hair grafts from the scalp, armpits, legs, or pubic area for eyebrow transplants. Leg hair is considerably preferred as they are thin and tiny.
  • The surgeon will administer local anesthesia and implant the extracted hair grafts carefully in the area where you desire a larger volume of the eyebrows. Typically, around 500 hair grafts are ample for each eyebrow transplant. Our expert hair transplant surgeons plan to make natural and equal eyebrows.
  • After the procedure, the new hair may drop in two weeks but can regrow in three to four months. Patients can both cut the eyebrow hair or thread it. The transplanted hair grows like the native eyebrow's hair, except it was taken from the scalp.


Advantages of Eyebrow Hair Transplant

  1. Dense Eyebrows
  2. Boosted Self-Confidence
  3. Improved Facial Appearance
  4. Hassle-free and quicker procedure
  5. A permanent solution
  6. Hides scars around the eyebrow
  7. Freedom from regular threading
  8. Improvement in shape and length of eyebrows
  9. Notably natural-looking results

If you want an eyebrow transplant, first have a consultation with Regrow Hair Clinic in Haridwar, India. 


During this consultation, the expert hair transplant surgeon's and the team will assess the hair loss you have and perform the eyebrow transplant suitable for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, the eyebrow transplant needs four to five hours. Almost half of this time is invested in collecting the follicles, and the other half in transplanting them. 

The hairs that grow from the transplanted follicles are permanent. The hair will grow like the scalp hair and much longer than your actual eyebrow. 

No. About three to four hair grafts are removed from the donor region. Such a small reduction in thickness will not be noticeable even if the hair is worn very small.

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