Beard Hair Transplant in India

Beard is a sign of manhood, indicates maturity, and exudes confidence in men. The beard hairs appear after adolescence when the hormones become active. 

Unfortunately, despite reaching adulthood, some men don’t seem to develop a fair and thick beard. Such men are ideal candidates for beard transplantation. 

Regrow Hair Clinic boasts of skilled hair transplant surgeons. They are known to provide the most natural-looking beard hair transplant in India.


Dr Ankur Singhal is one of the best hair transplant surgeon in India. He is a Clinical Cosmetologist, Certified FUE expert, and DHI hair transplant specialist at Regrow Clinic. He has performed many hair transplant procedures and has helped patients to regain their hair and self-esteem. 


At Regrow Hair Clinic, our team has successfully transplanted more than 6 million hair grafts from scalp to scalp, beard to the scalp, beard to beard, and scalp to the beard.  


The Regrow Clinic has advanced technologies for hair restoration procedures. Due to these achievements and unique features, people recognize Regrow as one of the top hair transplant clinic in India.


Why choose us?

1 . Qualified and Experienced Doctors :

At Regrow, you will get a beard hair transplant from skilled and seasoned hair transplant surgeons in the nation. They will plan your beard transplantation thoroughly and perform it precisely. Our surgeons will help you get the most desirable beard hair without any side-effects. 


2 . Advanced Equipment :

Providing the latest equipment to our hair experts always benefits us in giving excellent results for our patients. Our hair restoration technologies are reliable and efficient. 


3 . Affordable Treatments :

At our clinic, you will get a beard transplant from proficient surgeons with advanced equipment and other modern amenities. At the same time, we frame our prices to a level where anyone can benefit from our services.


4 . Skilled and Certified Technical Staff :

The doctors play a crucial role in every healthcare system. But the expertise of other team personnel is also vital for more stable and trustworthy service delivery. Our staff is qualified and skilled; the future of your beard hair is in safe hands. 


Indications for beard hair transplant

  • Men with significantly less or no beard.
  • Individuals who want to increase the density of existing beard hairs.
  • Loss of beard hairs due to injury or burns.
  • Chronic alopecia areata, which is not responding to any medical treatments.
  • Scarring alopecia due to Folliculitis decal vans, dissecting cellulitis, and other skin conditions.
  • After cleft lip repair or sex conversion.

What is the Procedure for Beard Hair Transplant?

Procedure for Beard Hair Transplant
  • First of all, the doctor will examine your donor area of the scalp and face.
  • Your doctor will discuss the design and the density of the beard you desire. Further, they will make a final plan according to your acceptance.
  • Your doctor will order some blood tests and physical tests to ensure that your health is good.

Techniques used for Beard Hair Transplant

I. In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Method:

Follicular Unit Extraction

First, your doctor will outline the area where the beard has to be grown. It makes the area clear for doctors to operate within.  It also makes their activity easier and helps get the desired results for a more natural-looking beard. 


The doctor will extract the hair grafts from the back or side of your scalp and transplant them into the chin and cheeks in the next step. Usually, doctors perform facial hair transplants using FUE methods. Thus, there are no scars, no bleeding, and the recovery is fast. 


II. Direct Hair Transplant (DHI) Method:

Direct Hair Transplant

Direct hair transplantation is the advanced version of the FUE technique. In this method, the doctor implants the follicular unit grafts directly on the recipient region after removing them from the donor area.

It is the latest technique used for hair transplant.


It has many merits as it is scarless, painless, and provides 100% results when performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon.


What is the Beard Hair Transplant Cost?

The beard hair transplant cost per graft is more than the one extracted in any other type of hair transplant. It’s not because of the complexity of the extraction but the designing of the slits or tiny holes on the face where it should look aesthetically pleasing. The cost also varies based on the type of technique used, the number of grafts needed, surgeon’s accreditation, etc.


Advantages of Beard Transplant

  • Safe procedure.
  • Permanent result.
  • No risk as it uses local anaesthesia.
  • Painless procedure with successful results.
  • The new beard can be trimmed or shaved as usual.
  • It hides the scars and burned skin with the beard hair transplant.
  • Transplanted hair function as natural hair.

Side-effects of Beard Transplant

You may get some of the temporary problems in the treated area like,

  • Itchiness
  • Irritation
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Tightness
  • Numbness
  • Scabbing and crusts

If you’re considering a beard hair transplant, then you should visit Regrow Hair Clinic for a safe, successful, and cost-efficient transplant. 


You can plan an appointment or avail of a free consultation with our expert hair transplant surgeons and seek the most suitable hair transplant treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. It is a painless process as local anaesthesia is administered before the procedure.

No. There is no risk of a scar if your doctor implements an advanced hair transplant technique and accurately performs the procedure.

The doctor recommends not to shave for 15 days after the surgery. Some patients may advise carefully trimming their hair after a week.

It takes about two to four weeks to recover completely from a beard transplant.

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