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Case Study for Grade7 hair loss and treatment

Patient Review

  • Patient's Name: Unknown
  • Patient's Age: 25
  • Patient's Gender: male


  • Grade7 hair loss – It is a severe kind of hair loss where most parts of the scalp become bald. The patient may experience total baldness other than the back side of the head.

Case Presentation

At Regrow Hair Clinic, one of the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Haridwar, India, we offer advanced hair loss treatment at an affordable cost. Dr Ankur Singhal, the Co-Founder of Regrow Hair Clinic, is a renowned hair transplant surgeon in India. 


In this case, the patient was having massive hair loss and became bald due to the same. After having the proper examination, we came to the decision that it was a case of grade 7 hair loss of androgenetic alopecia.


Androgenetic alopecia is one of the most common causes of hair loss in people in India with baldness. The hair loss starts in the crown or hairline in the beginning and then develops throughout the scalp.



As there was not much hair on the scalp of the patient it was tough to get healthy hair follicles from the scalp. So, our doctor prescribed FUE hair treatment by extracting hair follicles from the beard area. 


Our doctor performed a hair transplant treatment with 6000-7000 hair grafts implantation.



After completing the treatment, the patient got full head coverage with the newly implanted hair.


Before - After Images of the Patient:


Physical Examination & Tests

  • After having the physical examination our hair transplant surgeon in India diagnosed the complication as androgenetic alopecia that has caused total baldness.

Post-Operative Assessment

After the surgical treatment, our doctor advised the patient to follow the post-operative cares like taking medications properly, avoiding blood-thinning medications for few days, avoiding heat and intense exercise for the next few days and taking good care of the scalp.


At first, the newly implanted hair follicles fell out from the scalp and after a few months, they grew again on the scalp. The bald scalp was totally covered by implanted hair. As a result, the patient was very satisfied and happy with the treatment.

Relevant Case Studies

Excessive Baldness and Hair loss Treated with FUE Hair Transplant

Dr. Ashwani Saxena visited Regrow Clinic, one of top clinics offering hair transplant in India. The patient visited us because of baldness and hair loss problems. Dr. Ashwani was a general physician in a Government Hospital in Uttarakhand, he had always wanted to appear appealing to his patients, but baldness was a major setback. 


At Regrow Clinic, our hair transplant doctor consulted the patient and conducted come tests. Our doctor concluded that the patient had baldness in the frontal and crown region and an FUE hair transplant would be the best option for treatment.


Our hair transplant doctor explained the FUE hair transplant procedure to Dr. Ashwani and he agreed to go for the treatment. We had set up 2 hair transplant sessions for the patient. In the first session, our hair transplant surgeon implanted 3646 grafts in the frontal area of the scalp. In the second session, 2431 grafts were implanted in the crown area of the scalp. So, our hair transplant surgeon implanted a total of 6077 hair grafts with FUE hair transplant


It has now been a year after the hair transplant surgery and Dr. Ashwani has received amazing hair density with reduced hair loss.

Grade 7 Baldness Treated with FUE Hair Transplant

Mr. Ajay came to Regrow clinic, one of the best hair transplant clinic in India. The patient had baldness due to which he had been wearing hair wigs for 3 years. Mr. Ajay was very concerned about his hair loss problem and it was causing him a lot of stress. Our hair transplant surgeon at Regrow Clinic consulted the patient and performed some tests.


Mr. Ajay had androgenetic alopecia or grade 7 baldness. So, our surgeon performed a FUE hair transplant surgery for the patient. Before the procedure, we ensured that the patient understood everything about FUE hair transplant and its cost. 


During the surgery, our hair transplant surgeon extracted 1475 grafts from the beard region of the patient and implanted it in the balding crown region of the scalp. The surgery went smoothly, and the patient was very happy.

Case Study of Hair Transplant done on Hair line, Frontal & Temple region

In India, androgenetic alopecia is a typical cause for hair transplants in India. Both men and women are affected by this hereditary disorder.


Men with androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, begin to lose hair in their teens or early twenties. A receding hairline and the gradual hair loss from the front and crown of the scalp are signs of this condition.


The hairline gradually recedes, forming a distinctive "M" pattern. While androgenetic alopecia cannot be healed, it can be improved with the use of some drugs and hair transplant surgery.



Hair Transplant was done on the Hairline, frontal and temple region taking healthy hair grafts from the back of the scalp. Our doctor implanted 2216 graft in the hairline.


Treatment methods:

Our doctor performed the FUE method to treat the massive hair loss in the hairline of the patient. Our doctor used 100% motorized punch to extract the healthy hair follicles. After that, our doctor used a SAVA implanter pen to implant those hair follicles on the scalp.


Pre-operative treatment:

Our doctor prescribed Ketoconazole and antidandruff shampoo for two weeks prior to the surgery.


Before - After Images of the patient:

Before - After Images of the patient
Before - After Images of the patient
Before - After Images of the patient


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