Why should you invest in a body hair transplant?

Body hair transplant resembles some other hairs relocate treatment. The lone distinction is rather than your scalp hair, we utilize the other hair follicles from the various pieces of your body. The treatment is insignificantly intrusive and safe.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 25th Mar, 21

Hair loss is a widespread phenomenon in today’s time. An unhealthy lifestyle, fewer hours of sleeping, and stress are the main reasons. Along with this, the high level of pollution in the air has become another reason to worry.

The main reason for your rapid hair loss is Alopecia. However, hormonal disbalance and hereditary or family trends can also lead you to baldness.

Researchers say that people who have a healthy density in their body hair are more prone to balding. The hormone that helps in a high density of body hair is Oestrogen. The high level of estrogen secretion leads you to baldness too.


So, there is a direct connection between your body hair and scalp hair. Here, in this article, we will discuss that you should invest in a body hair transplant.


Read the article to know in detail about your body hair transplant.


Let us start with body hair transplant:

body hair transplant

Body hair transplant is like any other hair transplant treatment. The only difference is instead of your scalp hair, we use the other hair follicles from the different parts of your body. The therapy is minimally invasive and safe.


The procedure is becoming more appreciated every day among people with fewer hair follicles on their scalp because body hairs are generally very high in numbers.


Hence, it can give you a fuller look after a few months of your hair transplant treatment. Though your body hair is so different from your scalp hair yet, an experienced hair transplant doctor can handle the issue very carefully.


Now that we have given a clear idea about body hair transplants let us discuss various body hair transplants.

As we have discussed, your body hair is different from your scalp hair concerning the features, so it requires extra care to perform a body hair transplant. 


For an adequate number of hairs grafts, we extract hair follicles from different parts of your body. According to your body hair location, we can differentiate the body hair transplant into the following ways.


(i) Beard hair : We use beard hair for your body hair transplant treatment because they are very similar to your scalp hair. 


(ii) Chest hair : If you do not have an adequate number of hair follicles in your beard area, we extract hair grafts from your chest. It is only possible in the case of a male patient. If you have a sufficient number of hair grafts in your chest, we can extract hair follicles from there. As your chest hair and scalp hair features are not the same, we use them to give you full coverage ion your scalp. 


(iii) Legs and arms : If we cannot get sufficient hair grafts from your beard and chest, then we extract hair follicles from your legs and hands as well.


(iv) Underarm and pubic area : Your underarms and pubic area are the last options for extracting hair follicles. Generally, we use these hair follicles to give an excellent volume to your scalp hair.


Now, let us have an idea about the benefits of the body hair transplant:

Recently, we have seen an inclination towards body hair transplantation among patients. It is because of the availability of a high number of hair follicles. But it is not so easy because your body hair is very different from your scalp hair. We cannot use them in the front part of your head, especially in your hairline.


Yet, the treatment has a high success rate because of the following reasons:

  • Before everything, a body hair transplant can give you thick density in your scalp hair because we can extract a higher number of hair follicles.
  • The treatment is minimally invasive, and there are no side effects.
  • Till now, the treatment has been proven to be safe and highly successful.
  • There is no tension of visible scar after the surgery because the extraction is from your body parts.
  • Your scalp hair will look and work like your natural hair though they are from different body parts. This thing is possible only the hair restoration surgeon is highly experienced in implantation.
  • Even the after-treatment care is also home-based and straightforward.
  • Finally, the treatment will give you a long-lasting result according to your requirements.


Opting for a body hair transplant is indeed beneficial. If you have further quarries contact us here.



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