Why is Planning your Hairline Essential for a Great Hair Transplant?

The age of your hairline decides your facial style. Even after your hair relocate, to an extreme or too little hairline can harm the objective of the hair relocate. Your hair relocates specialist may suggest picking a hairline that is fitting for your age.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 25th Mar, 21

Are you one of those people who are suffering from hair loss and are planning for a hair transplant? Then we suggest you plan your hairline before the surgery.

Although the goal of a hair transplant is to add volume and give you a full head of hair, a poor hairline could leave you with unsatisfying results. 

An unplanned hairline can make hair transplant appear unnatural. Also, you may require further hair transplant treatment to correct it. So, planning your hairline should be a top priority.


Why is Planning your Hairline Necessary?

Great Hair Transplant

The first stage of male pattern baldness is receding hairline. So, hairline correction applies in all cases of hair recovery in men. A proper hairline is essential because it gives you a natural look. Also, the signs of hair loss correction surgery are not visible. Proper hairline planning will keep you away from unpleasant moments and regrets in your life.


Determines facial aesthetics

The age of your hairline determines your facial aesthetics. Even after your hair transplant, too much or too little hairline can damage the goal of the hair transplant. Your hair transplant surgeon may recommend choosing a hairline that is appropriate for your age.


When you start ageing, there is a natural recession in your hairline. So, an appropriate age hairline is the most important for a natural look.


A good hair transplant should leave you with a natural-looking head of hair. It should enhance your aesthetic appearance and self-esteem. This is why planning your hairline thoroughly with your hair transplant surgeon is essential. It helps you in making sure your hair transplant delivers excellent results.


Better framing for your face

Whether you realize it or not, hair plays a vital role in your physical appearance. It provides better framing for your face. When your hairline recedes, or patchy areas occur, this blurs the frame of your face. 


It can change your appearance dramatically; making you look older. This condition may make you lean towards making a hairline too low or high to compensate for the hair loss.


However, finding the proper balance with your hairline’s position and its shape will help better frame your face. It will make sure your hair transplant appears natural and that you look more youthful after the procedure.


Helps in finding the right balance

You have to consider several factors when planning your hairline, such as:

  • Type of hair
  • Natural hairline curvature
  • Insertion angle
  • Number of follicles


If you want a successful hair transplant, you have to find the balance between all factors. Only then will you receive a great outcome from your treatment. 


To begin with, you must not look at how you want your hairline to appear now, but also how you want it to appear in the future. A low hairline on a young face may look fine, but think of how it will look after 20 years, on an older you. 

Similarly, a high hairline can make you appear prematurely aged. 


It will make you want further transplants to compensate. So, you want a solution that works in the present, as well as the future. An experienced hair transplant surgeon will ensure you find the right balance.


Also, you have to find the right balance between the curvature and shape of the hairline. If you choose a hairline that is too rounded, it will inevitably look unnatural, especially as you age.


Final Thoughts

During your hairline planning, think beyond the aesthetics of the hair transplant. With female or male pattern baldness, there is a chance that further hair loss will occur. So when you plan your hairline consider the harvesting availability of healthy hair follicles for future treatments as well.


If you extract them all now with an incorrect hairline, you might not have enough to rectify any additional thinning later on.


Ultimately, when opting for a hair transplant procedure, planning your hairline must always be at the forefront of your mind. Getting it wrong may not only leave you unsatisfied with the outcome but also cost you more for its repair.



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