What does the Female Hair Transplant Cost in India?

Hair relocates in India might be a little glimpse of heaven for a lady experiencing going bald. It is particularly valuable for individuals who can't go through hair relocate a medical procedure in their nation of origin because of the significant expenses.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 25th Mar, 21

A hair transplant in India may be a dream come true for a woman suffering from hair loss. It is especially beneficial for those who cannot undergo hair transplant surgery in their home country due to the high costs.

However, in India, the process can be very effective, saving both time and money. Unlike male hair transplantation, female hair transplantation involves extracting tiny clumps of hair follicles from one region of the head where hair grows normally and implanting them in the area of hair loss.

hair loss treatment

Women, unlike males, cannot go completely bald; however, they do have patches of hair loss in various areas of the head. 


The procedure's cost and quality are two of the main reasons why many females travel to India for hair transplant surgery. They are inexpensive and can be completed quickly without the need for a waiting time. All you have to do is find the best hair transplant surgeon in India.


Although the cost of a hair transplant varies depending on various factors, the average cost of a female hair transplant per follicle is about Rs.80, which is a reasonable price for such a procedure. It is affordable and open to anyone who fits the requirements of a female hair transplant.


Factors affecting the cost of a female hair transplant in India

The following are some of the factors that may influence the cost of a female hair transplant:

• Degree of baldness

The cost of a hair transplant in India is directly proportional to the severity of the baldness. If the hair loss is severe, the number of grafts required increases, affecting the procedure's expense. You can use the Ludwig scale to assess your baldness grade and a hair transplant cost.

Female Hair Loss Pattern

• The total number of grafts

In India, the cost of graft is typically between Rs 80 and Rs150/-. When you have your initial appointment to verify your scalp's condition, your hair transplant surgeon will tell you how many grafts you'll need.


The more bald areas you have, the more grafts you will need. You should be aware that the increase in graft number is only done to achieve hair transplant surgery. 


On the other hand, the quantity of grafts affects the cost of a hair transplant. The baldness grade determines the number of grafts needed to cover the balding region and the type of hair transplant necessary.

• Donor graft availability

Hair follicles from the back of the head are extracted for hair transplant surgery. If you don't have enough healthy hair follicles on the back of your head, your doctor can remove them from other parts of your body.  It is a complex and time-consuming process; as a result, the cost of hair transplantation increases.

• Hair transplantation procedure

Hair transplant cost in India is also determined by the hair transplant technique, which is usually FUT or FUE. The way your donor's hair is extracted from your scalp differs from both FUE and FUT. When this donor's hair is removed during FUT, it leaves a linear scar, while when it is removed during FUE, it leaves small spots.


You should consult a good hair transplant doctor in Haridwar, India to figure out which method is right for your baldness. They'll examine your scalp, as well as the density and thickness of your existing hair. 


The best extraction procedure for you will be recommended after the expert reviews the donor to recipient ratio and performs a few necessary checks.

• Experience of a surgeon

Hair transplantation is a technique that necessitates a high level of experience and ability. As a result, a more skilled and knowledgeable surgeon can charge higher prices than others. The surgeon understands how to use the surgical instruments and how to create a hairline and implant follicles.


If a surgeon has more than 5 years of hair transplant experience, he has treated various cases, which has improved his abilities. It aids him in managing complicated cases and achieving better results. So, it is necessary that you find the best hair transplant doctor in India.


A highly skilled and professional surgeon will guarantee the optimum results, which are frequently "unspoken but applied." As a result, this factor plays a significant role in deciding the cost of your hair transplant.


Before deciding on a hair transplant, you should be aware that various factors determine the cost, and the results can vary as well.


For example, some clinics have free consultations for the treatment and only charge the hair transplant's actual cost. However, some clinics charge consultation fees, which causes the cost of a hair transplant to vary.



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