The Rising Popularity of Beard Transplants

A Beard transplant can give the ideal appearance of beard growth. This implies that men who couldn't have facial hair growth presently have the chance. Nonetheless, for a particularly exact technique to get great outcomes, you should choose an accomplished specialist in performing facial hair transfers.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 25th Mar, 21

As beards gain more social acceptance worldwide, a lot of men are trying for a beard transplant. It is helping them grow a fuller beard and facial hair. 

Even if you work on a construction job or in a high-rise office, beards are now accepted. They are seen as a sign of masculinity, strength, and determination. 

Growing a beard for a long time has been considered a significant masculine attribute. According to an article, the evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin stated that beards evolved in human ancestors through female choice in a highly competitive environment. Currently, such competitiveness has increased. 


What about men who cannot grow beards because of genetic factors? At present, because of advancements in medical technology, you can get a beard transplant so that even you can have a full-grown beard.


We have collected all information that you have to know before getting a beard transplant. We at Regrow Clinic, the best hair transplant clinic in India provides the best beard transplant treatment at an affordable cost.


What is a Beard Transplant?

Beard Transplant

For men having premature balding, hair transplant surgeon take hair from men’s beards. They transplant the beard hairs to the areas of the scalp to help reduce balding.


Men who grow a beard will rarely lose their facial hair. The procedure allows thousands of men to have a full head of hair. Recently, surgeons are reversing the procedure for men who want to have facial hair but do not have the genes. A surgeon takes hair from behind your scalp and transplants it on areas where you have trouble growing a beard. 


A few years ago, this procedure was not possible as surgeons could only gather groups of 15 or more hair follicles. If these were transplanted on your face, you would leave you with a beard of separated clumps. 


Currently, surgeons can harvest individual hair follicles from behind your scalp, where hair grows thickest. This individual follicle transplant makes for a thorough, thick, and natural-looking beard. 


According to an article based on beard transplants rising popularity, the frequency of beard transplants developed from 1.5% of all hair restoration procedures in 2012 to just fewer than 4% in 2014. While such procedures are expensive, they are a one-time investment that can leave you with the power to grow a complete beard.


Who should consider a Beard Transplant?

The significance of male grooming is growing in the current years. People expected men to show up for work with a simple combover and a cheap suit in the past.


Society now anticipates that men will put extra time and consideration into the picture that they project. Growing facial hair, then, is an integral part of masculine style. 


The beard transplant’s popularity comes from the hipster beard trend. In that sense, any man who cannot have a full face of hair to experiment with different facial hairstyles may as well consider a beard transplant.


Also, considering the colour of your hair is important. These are the conditions in which you may consider a beard transplant:

  • You might grow a small quantity of facial hair near your chin area but not up to your side of the cheeks. In such cases, a beard transplant can be helpful. Also, you have to carefully look at your hair’s colour on your head and the facial hair colour you can grow.
  • If there is a significant colour discrepancy between the facial hair and the hair on your head, a beard transplant will benefit. Your surgeon will perform it using the hair from your head. So, this will give you the right two tones of facial hair.
  • If you have similar colour and texture hair on your face and head or have no hair on your face, then a beard transplant can work well for you.


Some men may not mind minor discrepancies. So, if your chin hair is a reddish tint and your hair is a dark brown, a beard transplant may not be for you. 


A beard transplant can provide the perfect appearance of facial hair. This means that men who were unable to have a beard now have the opportunity.


However, for such a precise method to get good results, you must select an experienced surgeon in performing beard transplants. It will ensure that the implants are accurate and small and placed with complete precision to leave you with a flawless beard.



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