Relation between hair loss and inflammation?

The primary purpose for it is the point at which your body experience any irritation, your safe framework begins battling any sort of attack by any microorganisms. Your resistant framework can recognize your body cells and your organs as gatecrashers for this situation.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 25th Mar, 21

One of the most prevalent matters of concern these days among people of our time is hair loss. Irrespective of color, quality, and age, hair loss ruins everyone’s overall appearance. It can affect your quality of living, your self-confidence. 


Eventually, it can lead you to depression too. We at Regrow Clinic, the best hair transplant clinic in India provides the best hair loss and inflammation treatment at an affordable cost.


Over everything, who wants to experience a bald scalp?

No one. Beautiful and healthy hair has always been in high demand.


Though hair loss can result from several reasons, it may include your genetic structure, eating habits, lifestyle, and many other things. Most surprisingly, many specialists think that inflammation can be one reason for your rapid hair loss.


Here, we are going to discuss how inflammation can trigger hair loss.


So, let us start with what is inflammation?

Relation between hair loss and inflammation?

According to medical science, inflammation refers to your body’s immune system that protects your body cells and other essential organs in need. 


Here the market includes any injury or disease. Generally, inflammation does not hamper your hair. But if it is left without any treatment, it can trigger hair loss.


The main reason behind it is when your body experience any inflammation, your immune system starts fighting any kind of invasion by any microorganisms. Your immune system can identify your body cells and your organs as intruders in this case.


This is the situation when your body can identify your hair follicles to be a foreign organism. As a result, your immune system will destroy the hair follicles during these problematic situations or severe illness. So, it is apparent that you can develop inflammation-related hair loss or baldness.


Before explaining other things, let us see what the symptoms of inflammation-based hair loss are?

  • Primarily you will experience hair loss and thinning of hair on the scalp.
  • Along with hair loss, you will experience Swelling.
  • Pain and burning sensation.
  • Issues related to digestion like bloating constipation.
  • You may experience chronic fatigue and a few more symptoms related to inflammation.


Now that we know the symptoms of inflammation-related hair loss, we should discuss the causes.

The success of any treatment depends on the proper diagnosis of the cause. So, learning the grounds of the diseases is essential. Without knowing the reasons, it is not possible to treat you properly. The reasons are as follows-

  • You may develop inflammation due to viral, fungal, or bacterial infections.
  • An allergic reaction can also trigger inflammation.
  • Researches show that stress in life and emotional disturbance can also trigger inflammation.
  • Exposure to toxic elements or response of your body to toxins is a leading cause of inflammation.
  • An unhealthy lifestyle and fewer hours of sleep with unhealthy food habits instigate inflammation.
  • Consumption of food products that are rich in fat is another reason.


So, how to prevent inflammation-related hair loss?

Well, the only way of preventing your inflammation-related hair loss is avoiding the causes. Along with that, you should avail proper treatment before it gets too late. Here we are recommending a few changes which will benefit you.

  • If you have developed any viral or bacterial infections, you should treat that as early as possible.
  • Try to avoid the reasons for getting infected.
  • You should know the allergens so that you can keep a distance from them.
  • Do exercise and meditation. It will reduce your stress level and eventually reduce the scope of developing inflammation.
  • Maintain a healthy food habit and take proper rest.


If you are suffering from any inflammation-based hair loss symptoms, as mentioned here, you should visit our clinic for treatment. You do not need to worry about the issue.


Take small steps at a time. If your hair loss is severe, that any conventional medicine cannot provide you with the cure, we also have the solution. Our hair transplant treatment is the best solution for your hair loss issues.



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