How effective is an Eyelash hair transplant treatment?

Eyelash hair relocate treatment isn't anything not the same as some other hair relocate a medical procedure. The lone distinction is here you will require high precession from our PCP. The territory where the medical procedure will occur is your eye.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 25th Mar, 21

Scanty and less density of hair in your eyelash area can be a reason of concern for you. The reason can be so many. Starting from hormonal disorder, heredity, side effects of any medications to trauma, any of these issues can lead you to less hair in your eyelash area. 

So, if you are looking for proper treatment to get beautiful eyelashes, you should opt for an eyelash hair transplant treatment. 


In most cases, women help eyelash hair transplant patients get a more beautiful and attractive eyelash. While choosing the clinic and doctor, you will see that many options are available there in the market. 


But remember, the best results and the utmost safety level can only be achieved by the best hair transplant surgeon in India. 


Previously you may have availed of various over-the-counter cosmetic products like artificial eyelash enhancer and different other things. But nothing can provide you with a permanent solution. Along with that, the using procedure of those artificial eyelash enhancers is very critical.


Every time you require so much precision to fix the artificial eyelash on your eyelids’ exact place. We have often seen that patients have somehow accidentally affected their eyes while trying to put the artificial eyelashes. 


So, it is better to have a permanent solution to these everyday troubles. 


Let us start with an overview of eyelash hair transplant treatment

Eyelash hair transplant treatment

An eyelash hair transplant treatment is nothing different from any other hair transplant surgery. The only difference is here you will require high precession from our doctor. The area where the surgery is going to take place is your eye. So, it will need extra care.


Again, fixing the extracted hair follicles at a particular angle is another issue. Other than this, your newly implanted hairs will look different from your natural eyelash hairs. 


So, our doctor extracts the required number of suitable hair follicles from the donor area and embeds them into your eyelids. 


So, what can you expect during your eyelash hair transplant treatment?

Well, along with the good results, you will experience the following things during your eyelash hair transplant treatment.

  • Shaving and cleaning of your donor region, which is generally the backside of your scalp.
  • Application of local anaesthesia to the donor region of your scalp. It will help you to ease the pain during the extraction of healthy hair follicles.
  • Then it comes the time to perform the extraction of your healthy hair follicles.
  • Here, we prefer to perform the FUE hair transplant treatment method because it does not require any strip cut.
  • The most significant part of this treatment is implanting the extracted hair follicles in your eyelids with vivid care and safety.
  • That is why our hair transplant surgeon fixes the extracted hair follicles one by one. As a result, it takes lots of time to complete the surgery.
  • We generally go for 50 to 100 independent hairs to perform the surgery, depending upon your needs.
  • You will see that the newly transplanted hair follicles drop out after a few days of the surgery. But they will grow again within a few months.


The only thing you will require is the maintenance of your eyelashes. It would be best if you trimmed them routinely to keep them in proper shape. 


It is very accurate that your eyes are the most critical organ of your face. It has direct involvement with your emotions and expressions. Your eyes directly take part in every conversation. When you have a conversation with others, you look to the other person now. Your eyes express a lot of things to the person you are having the conversation with. 


In many cultures and societies, people are fond of lengthy eyelash hairs. According to them, lengthy and dense eyelashes make your eyes more prominent and attractive. So, there is a craze for the same. 


So, what are the advantages of the treatment?

Well, the advantages are many-

  • Only one-time treatment with long-lasting results.
  • There are no side effects
  • Your eyelashes will look the same as your natural eyelash hairs.
  • You will get a proper length and density in your eyelash.
  • Lengthy and dense eyelashes protect your eyes from dust and pollutions.
  • You will heal very fast after the treatment.


So, if you want to know more about the treatment, you can book an appointment now.


We have seen that many people want to know what is the female hair transplant cost in India

Well, whatever type of hair transplant treatment you want to avail of, the technique is the same. So, the hair transplant price in India for all of these are identical. We at Regrow Hair Clinic charge Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 for each hair graft, where each hair graft contains 2 to 3 hair follicles.


You can have an idea of how many hairs grafts you will require to undergo a healthy eyelash hair transplant treatment. However, the cost of the surgery will vary from patient to patient in each case.


So, if you want to know more about the treatment and the cost of your treatment, you should book an appointment now.



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