Hair Transplant a Permanent Fix or Not?

Hair relocate is a surgery that utilizes miniature joining innovation to remove your hair follicles. These extricated follicles are embedded in the territories of your scalp that are going bald or having balding.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 25th Mar, 21

Many people are opting for a hair transplant in India. However, many are confused about whether a hair transplant is a permanent fix to their baldness problems. 

Are you confused about this as well? In this article, we will discuss the same question, whether a hair transplant is permanent. Let us begin by understanding what a hair transplant is.


What is a Hair Transplant? 

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Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that uses micro-grafting technology to extract your hair follicles. These extracted follicles are inserted in the areas of your scalp that are balding or having hair loss.


A hair transplant is long-lasting, so it is considered permanent. It also takes a long time to heal and recover. People who have baldness and excessive hair thinning on their scalp are suitable candidates for a hair transplant.


Now that you know what a hair transplant is let us get to the main question.


Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Once your hair follicles are implanted into your scalp, they require time to heal. After completely healing, which takes about 6 to 12 months, you will notice tiny hair making an appearance. 


Your new hair grows, filling your thin and balding areas. The new hair grows and reaches the same length and texture as your already existing hair. 


The hair follicles implanted in your scalp are permanent. Their movement from one area of your scalp to the other is also permanent. You cannot move them back to their previous position. 


Like the other hair follicles on your scalp, the transplanted hair follicles also have a growth limit. As time passes, they might stop forming as much hair as they used to before. It usually happens as you get older. 


So, what should you expect from a hair transplant?

1 . Long-Term Expectations of Hair Transplant

In most cases, a hair transplant does last for a long time. But this can change as you grow old. It is because your hair follicles become thin, which leads to less hair production. Do not worry; you will not become entirely bald. Your head will always have some hair for the rest of your life. 


Even if your hair continues to thin, your hairline will not reduce as it did before the hair transplant. You can create a plan with your hair transplant surgeon and make sure your hair does not look unnatural or patchy over time.


You can also go for mesotherapy or PRP. These treatment options will keep your hair growth patch less and steady.  Mesotherapy and PRP will boost the hair follicles and rejuvenate them, which will produce thicker and better hair.


2. Sort out your Expectations

Consult your specialist about your hair loss issues. They can analyze your scalp and tell you of your hair’s requirements. If medical conditions or medications are causing hair loss as a side effect, a hair transplant may not be helpful. 


So, you must ensure that this possibility does not exist. A successful hair transplant treatment depends on the surgeon. Find yourself an expert hair transplant surgeon in India


To find the best hair transplant specialist, get before and after pictures of hair transplant surgeries, the doctor has performed. You can also ask them which method of hair transplant would fit your condition before scheduling your appointment.


3. Final Thoughts

A hair transplant is a right option for your hair if it has visible thinning or is balding. Also, the outcome of a hair transplant is permanent because you cannot change it or undo it.


How your hair transplant appears after healing will not be the same for years to come or for the rest of your life.

So, look for an experienced hair transplant specialist who understands how to create a natural-looking and hair transplant that lasts for a long time. 


Furthermore, have realistic expectations, so you do not get upset by what outcome you receive. 


If your hair transplant outcome is not satisfactory, consult with your doctor. They might suggest other options that bring your hair growth up to your desired results.



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