Does a Hair Transplant Look Natural?

FUE is a cutting edge hair relocate system. It gives more common outcomes without noticeable scarring in the benefactor locale. In FUE, the specialist eliminates the hair follicles utilizing an exceptional extraction instrument and embed them in the uncovered territory.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 25th Mar, 21

People who wish to opt for a hair transplant have one standard, and crucial question: Will my hair look natural after the hair transplant? -the answer is ‘Yes.’ 

In today’s cosmetology world, advancements in hair transplant methods and the use of cutting-edge technology, hair after transplant provides natural and permanent results.


The qualification and experience of the surgeon play a significant role in how hair transplant ends up looking. As teamwork and the technicians do most of the hair follicle implantation, you need to choose the best hair transplant centre with a higher success rate.


Hair Transplant Look Natural

Just grafting the hair grafts from the donor area to the bald area does not make the hair transplant successful. But a successful hair transplant is where anyone cannot notice that you have undergone a hair transplant.


Of course, it also depends on many other factors. We will now discuss the factors that affect hair transplant quality.


A. Hair transplant techniques

There are two chief hair transplant methods:


1. Follicular unit extraction (FUE): 

Follicular unit extraction

FUE is a modern hair transplant procedure. It provides more natural results without visible scarring in the donor region. In FUE, the surgeon removes the hair follicles using a unique extraction tool and implant them in the bald area. Once it heals, hair grows back to look natural, and you can style it as you want


2. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): 

Follicular Unit Transplantation

In FUT, your surgeon will remove the strip from the back of your scalp. It is then distributed into single follicles and implanted in your bald region. 


FUT leads to visible scarring in the donor site, especially if your hair is short. Hence, you will have to keep the hair longer than average to cover the scar.


B. Hair transplant surgeon and clinic

As mentioned above, the hair transplant surgeon, their team, and the clinic play a crucial part in a successful hair transplant. The hair transplant surgeon’s experience and expertise are vital factors for a hair transplant to be successful.


Your hair grows individually in the donor and the recipient site. So, it’s crucial to transplant hair accurately. Transplantation is done by technicians who are trained by the hair transplant surgeon. Hence, experience is necessary.


C. Angle and the Direction

It is essential to implant graft at an accurate angle and direction. If the angle or direction goes wrong, your hair transplant will look unnatural or fake. It is essential to design a hairline according to your face. A too low or too high hairline can seem to be unnatural.


Maintaining natural looking hairline is essential. A straight hairline can provide an unnatural look. If more than required follicles are implanted in a hairline, it can give a plugged look. A successful hair transplant needs to follow the hairline with accuracy and skill.


Optimum hair density

D. Optimum hair density

To get the hair transplant’s natural looks, it is essential to get the hair’s maximum thickness. Lesser density can provide an unnatural appearance.


E. Extraction of hair grafts

Extraction of hair grafts

It is essential to extract the hair grafts in the right proportion and evenly. Patchy graft removal from the donor site can lead to visible thinning.


F. Large donor area

There is a limited amount of healthy hair follicles in the donor region. The outcome of a hair transplant depends on the quality and the quantity of the hair grafts.


So, the candidate is one factor that can improve the result of a hair transplant. If you have much fewer grafts, you might not even be suitable for a hair transplant.


Hair transplant is a meaningful investment, and no one wants their hair transplant to be unsuccessful. Hence, we advise you wisely choose your hair transplant surgeon to get it done accurately.



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