Does a change in season requires a difference in your hair?

Everybody has an alternate example and life pattern of their hair. Subsequently, the impacts of season change will likewise be other for them. We can clarify this issue with the assistance of nature itself. Winter in our nation is exceptionally dry in many spots.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 25th Mar, 21

Many of our patients ask if they need a change in hair care routine with the weather change. Change in weather brings a lot of changes in nature. 

Like, the temperature, level of humidity, everything gets changed according to the weather. Even the level of pollution, the number of allergens also get changed. 

As a result, it brings numerous differences in our environment as well. The weather changes affect our Patients too. We have seen that people in India experience more hair loss and hair damages during season change. 


Everyone has a different pattern and life cycle of their hair. Hence, the effects of season change will also be other for them. We can explain this issue with the help of nature itself. Winter in our country is very dry in most places. Hence, there is always a high chance of dryness in your skin.


Along with this, the chilled northern wind makes it very difficult to move out. So, wearing winter clothes and drinking less amount of water is very common on winter days. 


You will experience dehydrated, rough, and lifeless hair in winter. However, most of the Indians face the severe issue of dandruff. So, hair loss becomes a regular affair. You may experience itchiness on your scalp as well.  

difference in your hair

Just like the plants shade their dried leaves in winter, our scalp hair also falls out during this time. On the other hand, when it is summer, the temperature is very high in most parts of India. As a result, our body holds the hair to protect our scalp from tremendous heat. 


Again, the humidity level on summer days is also very high. Hence, your scalp hair cannot even stay dry due to sweating.  


On the other hand, you may face a few skin-related issues during the monsoon and summer. A monsoon is a season when the humidity level in the air is the highest. Due to the high temperature in the monsoon, the environment becomes very friendly for the growth of bacteria and fungus. 


So, skin complications, rashes, infections on the scalp become a regular affair in monsoon. Again, the use of harmful chemicals through your cosmetic products and continuous styling makes the situation worse. 


So, what should you do during the changes in the weather? A mild change in your hair care routine can help you get rid of these issues. 


Haircare in Summer-

  • During the summer season, you should always keep yourself hydrated. So, you need to drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day. It will help you to clean your system properly as well as maintaining the elasticity of your skin.
  • You should wash your scalp hair with a mild shampoo to keep the scalp clean. Because in summer you will experience colossal sweating. Along with that, there will be an increased amount of dust particles in the air. Hence it will require proper cleaning for every day. But use a shampoo that contains moisturizer.
  • Cover your hair from the UV rays and heat of the sun.
  • Oiling is a must thing for your hair care regime. We know that in summer, no one wants to apply oil on their scalp. But oiling at least once a week is very necessary.
  • Have a proper diet that contains less amount of oil.
  • If possible, then trim your hair to a manageable length.


Monsoon hair care-

  • In monsoon, you need to be more careful about various infections. So, you need to keep your scalp hair clean and hygienic. Try to use a shampoo that is rich in antibacterial properties.
  • Keep your scalp hair dry as much as possible.
  • Have a proper and nutritious diet. It will help you to boost your immunity and betterment of health.
  • Again, oiling at least once a week is compulsory.
  • Always go for proper conditioning after every hair washes by shampoo.


Winter hair care-

  • Your winter hair care also includes proper cleaning of your scalp. You will experience substantial dust pollutants and certain types of skin allergens in the dry winter season. So, a regular cleaning with a mild shampoo is necessary.
  • Again, your shampoo must contain a moderate amount of moisturizer.
  • Conditioning is a must in winter, so apply oil to your scalp regularly.
  • Always wear a covering on your hair. It will lock the natural moisture in your hair intact.
  • Do not go for heat styling, especially in winter, as it will make your hair dry and rough.
  • Do not go out without drying your hair. It can damage your hair as wet hair is more prone to breaking.


It would be best if you changed your hair care routine with the change of season. If you experience severe hair loss problems after all these hair care activities, you must book an appointment with us.



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