Can hair transplant damage your natural hair?

Hair transplantation is a difficult careful method. It is sufficient for individuals in India and the adjoining nation to be worried about the repercussions. Progressed careful gadgets, then again, guarantee higher achievement rates and additional delightful outcomes after a hair relocation in Haridwar, India.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 8th Apr, 21

Hair transplantation is a challenging surgical technique. It is enough for the people in India and the neighboring country to be concerned about the repercussions. 

Advanced surgical devices, on the other hand, ensure higher success rates and more satisfying results after a hair transplant in Haridwar, India. Rather than getting concerned about a hair transplant cost in India, you should get in touch with us.


This article will go into what to expect, the risks involved, and some popular misconceptions about this cosmetic procedure.


After a hair transplant, what happens to your natural hair?

hair transplant

Hair loss after a hair transplant is often misinterpreted as a bad thing. Though, it is not the case. Hair transplants do not damage your natural hair all over the scalp, contrary to popular belief. 


However, only a limited amount of the existing hair at the transplant site would be temporarily impaired.


Hair follicles are extracted from the donor site on the scalp and implanted into the scalp's balding region by our hair transplant doctor in India.


As a result of this procedure, the hair lengths gradually decline. The hair that has been implanted around the receiver site will eventually fall out. On the other hand, the surgeon typically inserts into the miniaturized hair to ensure a higher success rate after hair transplant surgery.


It is a regular occurrence on the recipient site, where our hair transplant surgeon places the grafts. It reduces blood flow to the scalp, causing hair to fall out. This hair loss, though, is just temporary. Within a few months, the hair on the scalp will regrow.


The only thing you have to worry about is making sure the grafts are well inserted and stay in place. It is important to remember that only fully grown hair strands fall from the follicles. Within the follicle, the roots are still intact. It allows for the regrowth of future hair.


As a result, the answer to your question, "Does hair fall after a hair transplant?" is yes though it is not permanent.


So, what is causing your hair follicles to be damaged?

While hair thinning or even short-term hair loss is common after a transplant, long-term hair damage may occur. Hair loss that lasts a long time is a sign that the procedure was not done correctly. And there may be several reasons for the procedure's failure.


What are the most prevalent causes for this?

Because of the surgeon's inexperience,


Hair transplantation is a necessary and straightforward procedure that necessitates surgery. When a cosmetologist has never performed the process before, it will affect the final result. 


There will be almost no hair growth at the transplant site after the treatment. However, there is a chance of long-term hair thinning, hair loss, and scarring that can last for a lifetime.


Before making an appointment with our best hair transplant clinic in India, you can do your homework. Examine your hair transplant surgeon's certifications, experience, and level of clinical competence. 


It is essential, so you can not afford to ignore it. The surgeon's lack of knowledge raises the patient's risk of complications. As a consequence, proceed with caution when choosing a hair transplant surgeon in Haridwar.


Implanted hair follicles have been injured

In the case of a hair transplant, aftercare is more critical than surgery. If the surgeon does not give adequate aftercare, the inserted grafts can be damaged. This raises the chances of problems and prevents proper hair regrowth in the scalp's receiver region.


The medication's reaction:

A strange reaction to the medications is another problem that may occur after a hair transplant. If you are having trouble controlling your hair loss after the transplant, you should see your treating surgeon right away before things get worse. 


Your doctor will also advise you of proper care if your hair loss is due to a side effect from any drugs you're taking.



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