Are you the right candidate for PRP hair treatment?

Numerous medicines are accessible, and they guarantee to give you a drawn-out arrangement also. Among every one of the non-careful procedures, PRP treatment is quite possibly the most critical in treating your fast balding.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 25th Mar, 21

It is a nightmare for everyone to suffer from rapid hair loss. Nobody wants to become bald at any point in their life because it is very upsetting. It becomes complicated to accept the drastic change in your appearance due to hair loss. 

Many treatments are available, and they claim to give you a long-term solution as well. Among all the non-surgical techniques, PRP therapy is one of the most significant in treating your rapid hair loss. You can get a thicker density and good coverage on your scalp with this treatment. 


We at Regrow Clinic,  the best hair transplant clinic in India perform PRP therapy to treat your hair loss issues in a very safe and effective way. It results in triggering the growth of your scalp hair with the help of platelet-rich plasma. 


If you plan to undergo PRP hair treatment, you should know a few things before availing of the treatment. 

PRP hair treatment

Well, we get the Platelet-rich plasma from your blood. It contains certain growth factors that we use to boost your hair growth. The treatment has minimal risk. It eliminates the chance of your allergic reaction also. As the main ingredient of this treatment is your body fluid, your body does not reject them. 


The treatment is beneficial for people who are suffering from hair loss. The reasons can cause your hormonal disorder, male pattern baldness, hereditary, alopecia, and many others. It can also benefit you in treating your thin hair density. 


After having a clear idea about PRP treatment and its benefits, we should find who is the most suitable candidate for the treatment. 


Studies have shown that you can be the best candidate for your hair loss treatment is recent. It means there are hairs still on your scalp. The quality of your natural hair growth should be slow. In case you are completely bald, PRP treatment may not help you to regain your hair. 


Again, if you are opting for PRP hair therapy, you should keep your expectation realistic. It is not possible to restore the full coverage of your scalp with hair. Even the success of the treatment depends upon your health largely. 


If you are suffering from thyroid, lupus, and any other chronic diseases, you may not experience all the treatment benefits. In some instances, if you are undergoing specific treatments and taking certain medications, then also you may not experience the right result.


Your overall health should be good. We will not suggest the PRP treatment if you have any skin issues. The therapy includes injections into your skin. As a result, if you have any skin issues, then PRP injections may trigger them. 


If you are a diabetic person, you must not take the risk of undergoing this treatment. It can create a problem in your recovery.


So, we recommend the treatment only after having a proper diagnosis of your health condition. If we find that the treatment is safe for you, you can be a candidate for the treatment. Both men and women can avail of this treatment if they are experiencing rapid hair loss. 


The treatment will take several sessions to stimulate your hair follicles. You may require a few follow up sessions for improvement of your situation. The follow-up sessions may need to be planned every twelve to eighteen years. The results will be visible within 4-6 months after the treatment. 


Now, if you are a person who can comply with all of these things, then you are the most appropriate candidate for PRP therapy. So, do not waste any time further. Book an appointment now. 


Till then, stay healthy and safe.



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