13 advantages of the FUE hair restoration process

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a kind of hair relocate done by taking individual hair follicles from your skin and moving them to another piece of your body where the hair's more slender or missing.

Dr Ankur Singhal Updated on 25th Mar, 21

There are numerous confusions or fantasies related to a hair transplant. However, FUE hair transplant is extraordinary compared to other processes of doing the hair transplant.

To find out about FUE in detail, we have made a list of advantages of FUE hair restoration through which we can assist you with eliminating misconceptions. It will provide you with a high level of satisfaction.


No scars in Transplanted Area:

FUE hair restoration process

Each patient stresses over this; after the transfer, will there be a noticeable scar? Furthermore, the answer is no. Dissimilar to the FUT Hair transplant methodology, FUE gives the best outcomes as far as Scars.


Since Fue hair restoration, we relocate hair follicles from the donor territory to the bald region individually. Henceforth there is no scar similar to what you can see in FUT hair restoration/stripe surgery.


Quick Healing Process:

Since we embed hair follicles individually without removing any portion of the skin, it heals quickly. After this process scalp must be adjusted rapidly. As the healing cycle is faster than different procedures utilizes for hair relocation, you should avail this process.


Post-Surgery inconvenience:

To provide comfort, our hair restoration specialist utilizes sedation as you can experience in a dental cycle. Hence after the surgical procedure, you can go to your home on the same day with no pain. 


Additionally, because this surgery would not harm your body, the chances of post-medical procedure complications are exceptionally low.


Looks similar:

The vast majority of people are worried about if the results will look normal or not. However, in FUE, a hair transplant is an exceptionally excellent and suitable treatment that you would not have the option to find out your scalp changes. It will be your natural hairs as it were. No one can separate the old hairs and new developing hair.


Large covering area:

Because of the FUE hair technique, we can cover a significant portion of your bald scalp. So hair development will be decent, and the result is better than some other procedures. We collect hair follicles effectively up to the entire bald scalp.


Quick Recovery:

When you have availed FUE method, you can begin your day-by-day works effectively after the medical procedure. There will be no issue with it. You can do exercise or whatever else that you do day by day as your everyday routine.


Ideal for individuals with inadequate healing capacity:

For those individuals who are in danger of poor health or the production of scar, FUE is the ideal choice. It heals early, and there is no scope of scar marks on the scalp. This method is well accepted in young athletes and individuals who has tight or adaptable scalp.


Helpful to fix scars from past medicines:

Fue would be the best option if you had any mishap or any scar that happened and is not suitable for your look. It is quite possibly the most preferred procedure where individuals fix harmed scars, which happens beforehand because of any reasons.


Ideal for tight scalps:

A few patients’ scalps are extremely thin and tight, so it does not permit other treatment methods. In this case, Fue is the ideal decision for such patients.


Development of hair follicles:

Fue treatment not just serves to the development of hairline in the hair region. It encourages the presence of hair on different body parts as well.


Limited Risk of Infections:

With other hair transplant processes, patients can experience infections after the medical procedure. However, it is not if you avail of Follicular unit extraction. This technique is easy and harmless to the wellbeing of the patients.


Nature of Hair:

In FUE, hair restoration specialists utilize hair follicles from the patient’s contributor area. Here the hair growth is better than the bald region, and relocate the hair roots to the beneficiary region. As a result, the scope of hair growth is very high in this technique.



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