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Beard & Mustache Hair Transplant - Regrow Hair Transplant Clinic | Haridwar


Facial hair transplant is a procedure generally done on the men who suffer from spotty or patchy loss of hair from goatee, other parts of the beard, sideburns or moustache. The absence of hair could be hereditary or due to surgical scars, burns or other types of accidents. For some males, keeping a thick beard or moustache is a symbol of manhood and strength, while for others it is mandatory requirement in their religion. Moreover, it is also a fashion statement among many young men.

The beard and moustache transplant is more tricky and technical as direction and angle of hair changes in different areas of beard and moustaches. Thus it requires greater experience and meticulous planning by the surgeon to understand the natural pattern and has to be customised accordingly. Otherwise the surgical steps of transplant essentially remain the same as in FUE hair transplant





Frequently Asked Questions

In fact, there is no fixed number of grafts required, since the number varies depending on each case. If the area of the beard transplant is free of hair, it will be necessary to implant 4500-5000 grafts. However, if a hair intensification is required in the area, it will be necessary to implant 3000-3500 grafts; and if the purpose is to fill the empty spaces on the beard, it will be necessary to implant 1000-2000 grafts.

Due to the nature of the facial skin, which is more flexible than the scalp skin, the grafts are generally implanted slowly to allow for a maximum control and natural view of the follicles. It takes about 3-4 hours to complete the beard transplant, compared with 2-3 hours of scalp hair transplant; however it will depend on the area to cover and the density of the beard that you are looking for.

Similar to any hair transplantation in the scalp, hair transplantation in the beard does not cause any pain. The only exception is during the anaesthesia phase, which takes 2-3 minutes in the posterior area and 5 minutes in the front area; anyway the pain subtends to the needle prick and it disappears after a few minutes.


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Dr. G. K. Sharma, M.D. (Skin, Nail, Leprosy) Cosmetologist and Dermato- surgeon

MD (Skin, Nail, Leprosy) Cosmetologist and Dermato- surgeon

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Clinical Cosmetologist and FUE/DHI Expert
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