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Women may experience hair loss and baldness for a number of reasons. Unlike with men, baldness in women is often not restricted to a certain spot,  rather it affects the whole of the surface. This results in reduced hair thickness. For that reason, we often perform the hair transplantation on the entire area in female patients.

Whether the whole area is suitable for hair transplantation depends on the stage of baldness and the condition of the donor area. The thickness is also determined on that basis. Heredity baldness could be the reason, but there are other causes as well. Getting the right diagnosis is important when deciding on the treatment and what results you will achieve. Arrange a personal consultation with our doctor to receive expert advice and find out what your options are.



Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplant in women can be done in women in the following case of:

  • Alopecia which may occur due to burn, surgery or trauma
  • Advanced female pattern baldness which is unable to get any improvement, even after using medicines regularly
  • Scarring alopecia which is stable even after minimum of twelve months
  • Restoration of eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Traction alopecia

Hair transplant done in females make their life better as:

  • Those women who will get their hair back with hair transplant will attain natural and healthy hair.
  • After the hair transplant women will be able to grow hair longer and style them in a manner they want them to be.
  • Women who get back their hair regain their confidence.
  • Transplanted hairs are able to undergo anything as strenuous workout, vigorous dancing, swimming and coloring sessions.

Regrow Clinic is the best clinic for female hair transplant as it has experienced surgeons who are the pioneers of most advanced technique of hair transplant FUE/DHI/DHT. They provide 100% results along with natural looks which gives women pleasing looks. They help a women to regrow their lost confidence and enjoy life.


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