The outcome of a hair transplantation is not always to the client’s satisfaction. This could be because scars are visible in the donor area or receptor area, or because the hairline looks unnatural.

Hair Science Institute specializes in correcting previous unsatisfactory or failed hair transplantations performed by other clinics – also known as reconstructive hair surgery. Together with one of our doctors, you can explore the option of reconstruction to achieve the desired result.   One of the major drawbacks of conventional hair transplantation techniques – the FUT and FUE method – is that visible scar tissue forms in the donor area. The seriousness and extent of the damage may have an impact on recovery. However, the area of application and the scars can be successfully treated with the HST method.

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Our doctors and medically trained staff have helped hundreds of thousands of people over the past 25+ years. Laser hair loss treatment works!

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Dr. Ankur Singhal

Clinical Cosmetologist and FUE Expert
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