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FAQ - Regrow Hair Transplant Clinic | Haridwar

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you dream about once again having a beautiful, full, natural head of hair? Hair Transplantation (HT) can make this dream a reality. HT revolutionary hair transplantation method based on decades of Regrow research. HT is perfect for anyone who wants to feel good with a beautiful, full head of hair: men, women, young, or old.

If you are looking for the best possible hair transplantation, Hair Transplant has been proven to be more effective than any other technique and leaves you with a natural-looking result that lasts a lifetime.

Enjoy a natural high density of hair – again.

A Hair Transplantation usually takes place in one day of treatment. Your day will look something like this: We start by taking photographs and anesthetizing the area to be treated. Then follows the harvesting of the grafts. You won’t feel anything, all we ask is your patience. You remain mobile all day long and will not be under the influence of any sedatives. So, you can still make a phone call or stretch your legs.

The doctor will then mark the recipient area after which we provide you with a lunch of your choice. In the afternoon, after applying the anesthetic, the doctor prepares the receptor area, after which the technician applies the grafts to their new location.

Once the treatment has been completed, the doctor will do a complete check-up and we take a few more
photographs. You will be given instructions and everything you need for the aftercare.

The contact moments are set at one day, one week, and one month after treatment to see how you are doing. You can always contact the specialists of the Regrow Clinic in between these contact moments.

Hair Transplant is a safe medical-cosmetic treatment that causes little to no discomfort. Our treatments barely leave any scars and the scalp generally recovers quickly. The treatment is performed under a local anesthetic and you won’t feel a thing during the procedure.

You can immediately go home afterwards. Your skin will recover within a few days after the procedure. We also give you tips and advice to ensure optimal recovery and the best final result. If you are in doubt about the progress of your recovery or are suffering from side effects, you can contact the specialists at the Regrow Hair  Clinic.

We are here if you need us.

The results of an Hair Transplant are permanent. The transplanted hair follicles continue to produce hair for the rest of your life. It is the most effective treatment for making hair more dense and giving it more volume. The harvested grafts are ultra-small to ensure a high-density and natural-looking implant.

The results are not immediately visible but take some time to develop. The implanted hair follicles need time to recover and this differs from person to person. The transplanted hair follicles start to grow new hairs three to four months after the treatment. The final result of the hair implants is visible between nine to twelve months on average.

The Regrow Clinic operate at the highest medical standards. Here you can always count on the best possible expertise and professionalism. But we also want to make you feel at home and able to relax. That is why we do our very best to make you feel comfortable. From your first appointment right through to your final check-up, we make sure that you have everything you need and more.

During the treatment, you are in the care of our dedicated specialists. They are supported by an experienced team that arranges everything else: a lovely lunch, a wonderful hotel, relaxation, and anything you need to make your treatment a pleasant experience.

You’ll leave our clinic feeling happy and content.


An Hair Transplant treatment is an investment in yourself. It helps you to feel good about the way you look and allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin once again. Feeling this way is priceless.
A Hair Transplantation is a state-of-the-art procedure: a scientifically proven treatment performed by leading specialists, providing you with a result that lasts a lifetime.

The costs of this treatment are mainly determined by the number of grafts that are transplanted. If your baldness is the result of an illness, accident, or burn injuries, it is possible that (part of) the costs will be covered by your health insurance. We will be happy to inform you further about this. Whatever your situation might be, we will always give you a clear quote prior to the procedure showing a 100% transparent calculation of the costs.

DHI is the best hair transplantation technique currently available. It offers the best results, has been proven to be effective, and has an unshakable scientific foundation.

The biggest advantages of this method are that it leaves minimal scarring, creates a high hair density, and creates a natural-looking result.

DHI removes less than other techniques, leaving more hair tissue behind in the donor area. An additional feature of this technique is the use of a unique preservation solution that gives the new grafts an extra boost. This method is performed exclusively in Regrow Clinic by specially trained doctors and technicians.

Are you looking for the very best technique for your hair transplantation?

This is it!

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our benefits

The Significant Advantages of DHI Technique at Regrow

No linear scar – wear your hair short without being self-conscious.

Less recovery time and fewer restrictions on activities after treatment.

No sutures required. Performed under local anesthetic. Drive home after.

Your own real, natural hair.

I got my hair transplant on 11 November there Doctors and staff good and about the hair transplant results I will share after some months.I saw that there are many patients coming for hair transplants .patients are coming and every patient was saying that this is good clinic and I also satisfied that is good clinic.

Shahbaz’s Story

I am Dr. Ashwani Saxena, working as physician at govt. hospital in Uttarakhand. Being a grade VI patient it was a tough decision to choose a clinic. However one of colleague asked me to visit Regrow Clinic. On my visit to clinic I was overwhelmed to see their professionalism and infrastructure. I quickly took decision that I am going for it. Now after 1.5 year of my Surgery. I am extremely satisfied with my results. No one can identify my hair transplant result. Cheers Regrow Clinic

Dr. Saxena’s Story

My hair transplant journey was awesome.I will advice to all people who are suffering from hair problem to visit regrow clinic they have a proper advice and treatment overall all the doctors are friendly and the clinic is very good I appreciate this clinic who all love there hair.😊

Wahid’s Story

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