May 12, 2018

How successful is a hair transplant ?

A hair transplant is the most successful and permanent method of hair restoration treatment. FUE hair transplants are extremely long lasting, once you have had your hair transplant you’ll notice that your hair will shed after a few weeks – this is a normal part of the procedure and the hair will grow back strong and healthy.

Your hair will begin to grow in the transplanted areas and you’ll start to see your new head of hair after around 3-6 months of growth. The transplanted hair will continue to grow, just as it did in the donor area as it will hold the same characteristics as it had before the transplant. With this in mind, your new transplanted hair will grow just as it did pre-transplant.

During your personalized consultation, our experts will ensure you’re a suitable candidate for a successful hair transplant. During the consultation, our team will investigate your age, family history and hair loss type. This will help us foresee any future hair loss on any other areas of the scalp and we can then design your hair transplant around this to ensure that is not only successful but still looks natural in years to come.